Links to more detailed information, databases, training materials and online tools


Open science in general

Příručka postupů otevřené vědy: a handbook of open science procedures for applicants in the Operational Programme Jan Amos Komenský (in Czech)

Do You Speak Open Science? Resources and Tips to Learn the Language: a 2017 article on the importance of open science with advice on how to incorporate aspects of it into your scientific practice

Otevřená věda a citizen science: Open science and citizen science – a comprehensive webinar of the National Library of Technology from 2021 (partially in Czech, partially in English)

Frequently asked questions about open science on the website of the Charles University

Open Science Training Handbook: a textbook of open science practices

Open for you! An introduction series to open science: presentations and recordings from a series of training meetings about various aspects of open science. Organised by 4EU+ European University Alliance in 2021–2022.


Open access to publications

Sherpa/Romeo: a database of information about journals in terms of open access to articles – publishers’ licensing terms, archiving options, etc.

Directory of Open Access Journals: a database of open access journals and articles


Open data, FAIR principles

A brief checklist How FAIR are your data?

A FAIRy tale: the FAIR principles of open data access explained in a clear manner

The GO FAIR initiative: the FAIR principles explained in more detail with examples an international registry of data repositories

DOAR – Directory of Open Access Repositories: a search engine for open access repositories for articles, data and other scientific outputs

ASEP data repository: all researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences can use it to publish their data

Metadata standards used in biology: a list from the Digital Curation Centre database

REMBI: Recommended Metadata for Biological Images – enabling reuse of microscopy data in biology: A proposed metadata standard for image data in biology, an article in Nature Methods (2021)

ROR: a global registry of persistent identifiers for research organisations

Links for working with open data on the Masaryk University website


Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan template for the Horizon Europe program

DMP Online – Public DMPs: publicly available Data Management Plans to use as inspiration for creating your own

AV CR FAIR Wizard: an online service for an easy creation of a Data Management Plan. Operated by the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences.


Other open science tools a database of projects and other information about citizen science in the Czech Republic (in Czech)

Citizen science projects organized by institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences (in Czech)


Czech research institution’s websites on open science

Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Charles University

Masaryk University

Palacký University in Olomouc